Within the scope of the analysis studies, a feasibility study for the production capacity, cement type, factory electricity grid etc. parameters starts. Existing equipment – in the feasibility studies to update the unit, the furnace, cooling fans, fan pipes, conveying systems, filters and all motors etc. whether the actual conditions of the equipment can be adapted to the new product are also covered.

Physical and thermodynamic measurements are carried out in the field of engineering studies. For example; the measurement of material temperature, air temperature, pressure and flow in the existing refrigerant, fan or filter group. The data obtained as a result of these measurements are used in the detailed calculation methods and the working details of the existing equipment are revealed and then the differences on the efficiency of the new product are revealed with a report on the basis of GAP analysis.

Engineering leIn the scope of design studies, product design and general layout design with two-three-dimensional drawings are made in line with the requested space and requested capacity.

After the design process, starting the related manufacturing project, material selection, heat treatment etc. manufacturing is carried out by engineering studies. Quality control and post-production engineering processes will be completed.

Our Engineering Studies in a process from Analysis to Production:

  • Site Studying
  • Site Measurements (physical and thermodynamical)
  • Calculations and Heat/Mass Balance
  • Design and Sizing
  • Solidwork and Autocad Design
  • Manufacturing and Its Control

1. Current Situation Analysis

  • Equipment-Unit Analysis
  • Field Analysis
  • GAP Analysis
  • Reporting


  • Product Design
  • Layout Design


4.Quality Control