Compressor Parts

A motorized machine is used to compress air and other gases to atmospheric pressure. It is used in pneumatic working system to provide air support in environments where compressed air is required. They are also used to compress the air by pressurizing, to obtain a certain amount of vacuum or to go under atmospheric pressure.

Multistage Water Cooled High Pressure Compressor Parts
Multistage Water Cooled High Pressure Compressor consists of two – three or four stage water – cooled high pressure compressor and screw – pressure booster system depending on its volume and pressure.

Pre-Pressure Compressor Block Parts
Pre-pressure compressor systems have a structure that ensures proper absorption of internal gas force. Air tanks, dryers, crankcase, crank, pulley, cylinder, cylinder heads and so on.

Water Cooled Compressor Parts
In water-cooled compressors suitable for use in rooms and surrounding environments where air-cooled compressors cannot be used, water is cooled in the water tower by intermediate and last coolers. During this process, some of the water evaporates and the remaining water is cooled to 2 ° C below the ambient temperature (this may vary depending on temperature and relative humidity).